Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Would tattoos, piercings, and dyed hair not have talent eligible for consideration?

A: Thanks for asking this. There had been some confusion over this topic. In our “Rules and Regulations” page we state we want “clean cut” talent. When we say “clean cut” we mean no drugs, no smoking, no alcohol, no gang affiliation.

Plus “clean cut” does not always mean a guy and girl is suits with certain hair styles.

And as long as the tattoos aren’t showing those things either hat should be fine.

Now if there are certain photoshoots or ads where certain/all piercings, certain/all tattoos, certain/all hair colors wouldn’t fit for that shoot or ad then we can make temporary adjustments.

-Cover tattoos with makeup. Can remove makeup after shoot.

-Take out the piercings. Can put them back in after shoot.

-Temporary spray hair dye. Can wash it out after shoot.

(Photoshop could take care of all of this but that is much longer than the physical changes.)

Lastly, we may have to check with the tattoo artists to make sure their work can be photographed without legal issue. Some artists copyright their work.

Q: Why are you guys scouting for talent if the company is not complete yet?

A: On our end we are finished with submitting our ideas. We are now waiting to receive our proof of ownership documentation. While we are waiting, we are filling up spots to have everyone ready to work as soon as we get the documentation.

Q: If I am picked, is there a fee to join?

A: No. There is never a fee to join.

Q: When we travel, are we oveing our own travel expenses?

A: No. We the compnay will cover all travel expenses. We will eventually have our own vehicles to travel in with the talent.

Q: How would I know if this is a legit company?

A: Once we get our documentation, we will post them online (some things may be blurred out if some information is too personal).

Also once we get our building we will promote that along with our production gear.

Q: What is the demographic here?

A: Currently, we are looking for kids, teens, and young adults for the in front of the camera talent. We are looking for young adults and adults for the behind the camera talent.

Q: Why so many rules? Why is there background checks and tests?

A: As we stated in the Rules and Regulation page on our site, we want to encourage and promote positive images. There’s not a lot of that nowadays in everyday like or the entertainment world. A lot of people both young and older in the everyday life or entertainment world is getting involved in the explicit things because that’s almost all that’s shown and is the only way to be seen as cool. We want to provide a different lane where you can be huge and mainstream but clean and positive at the same time. Remember, you have a few young generations watching and is easily influenced.

Q: Where is this company located?

A: In West Chester, Ohio/North Cincinnati, Ohio

Q: After being picked, will there be contracts to sign?

A: Yes. We have to have proof showing that our terms were accepted before going forward.

Q: Any plans to expand?

A: Yes. After a certain level of establishment will want to have offices representing talent in other cities in the United States.

Q: Can I book jobs outside this company?

A: Yes. But make sure their image and vision don’t contradict ours.

Example: We rep no smoking. You do a job that promotes smoking.=contradiction

Q: Will this company still get a commission from jobs I book outside of this company?

A: No. Since we have nothing to do with that job booking what they pay you is all yours.

Q: What if I can get in a position where I can work with a celebrity/big company but some, most, or all of their image is explicit? Do I pass that opportunity?

A: We don’t want get in the way of a big opportunity but there is an image to uphold. We will try to reach a middle ground. If the celebrity/big company can follow our collaboration guidelines then you can do a project with them.

Q: Why so many different positions for in front of the camera and behind the camera?

A: We have so many types of work to do and show we need all kinds of positions to be successful in our versatile showcase.

Q: What are some goals this company is striving for?

A: Look at our Goals page on our site.

Q: What to do if I no longer want to be with this company?

A: There will be a termination fee. Amount will vary.

Q: If I left the company and chose to come back could I do that?

A: It depends on several things, if we still have work for you, if your reason for leaving and coming back is acceptable, and if you can pay a rejoining fee.

Q: What makes this company different from others?

A: Almost every thing we will do will be in house. We will have our own models, photographers, athletes, production company, own events and more. Basically we will have the biggest self promotion out there.

FAQ divisions


Q: What kind of dance styles do you guys accept?

A: Hip hop and salsa.


Q: What kind of acting work will you guys book actors/actresses in? Tv shows? Movies?

A: Tv shows, movies, and commercials. We will also be creating our own tv shows, movies and commercials.


Q: What if a female model is shorter than 5’8 and a male model is shorter than 5’10?

A: We will still pick models but not for runway. Shorter models can be used in commercial and editorial work.

There maybe a petite model runway category in the future.

Q: Is there a difference between plus size and obese?

A: Yes. We are trying our best to not be offensive but we have to explain things in a way where they are very understandable. Your waist size, shoulder width, and face can be much wider than a usual person. Even having more meat on your bones is acceptable.

But when there is extra baggage of skin to where it is hanging we can’t accept that.

Obesity is a health issue. Designers can not and should not make designs for obese body types. That would be supporting/promoting/contributing to the unhealthy condition.

Q: What if I have little to no experience in modeling?

A: We will train you to better your skill.

Q: Is there a fee to train?

A: No. Like other legit agencies we only make money off talent from commissions.

Q: I was given a business card and was told to email my information such as resume and pictures. Have I been picked to be in the company?

A: No not yet. How it works is if we see potential (nice look, nice walk, nice size), out in public we will give them a card where they can visit our site and will now know of auditions for company placement.

Q: Munlin Models currently have 4 models. Are there available spots in that group?

A: Yes. Our goal for this group is to have 15 models.

Q: Why is there a model group roster and a regular model roster?

A: We are doing 2 different kinds of model work. The regular model roster will be booked for fashion shows, ads, commercials as usual. The model group roster will do all of that as well plus be on tour. Like Ebony Fashion Fair.


Q: What genres do you guys work with?

A: Hip hop, reggaeton, dembow.


Q: What sports do you guys work with?

A: Skateboarding and basketball.

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