Home Base

Get a building

Getting a building will be a major plus for us. It will give us a home to create content. It will give us a office/homebase for companies to visit and see for endorsement considerations and/or collaborations. And it will give us a physical professional setting that the world will see.



A conference room to conduct business deals, bring up ideas, and introduce ourselves to individuals and companies before doing a building tour.

A music studio for music producers, musicians, djs, singers and rappers to create music for music videos, streaming, music stores, commercials, tv shows, movies, fashion shows.

A photo studio for photographers and models to create photos for magazines, album covers, banners, websites, social sites, commercials, brochures, and business cards.

A film studio for videographers and actors to create tv shows, web series, commercials, vlogs, and movies.

A dance studio for dancers to create their vision for commercials, videos, live shows, vlogs, etc.

A mini indoor skatepark for skaters to create commercials, vlogs, and to train.

A fashion room for models to practice catwalk for shows and practicing posing for printwork.

And a room designers to make garments.


We are currently raising funds and seeking support to make this possible.

If you or anyone you know would like to help out please go to our “Contact” page or email.

Relationships and power moves


-Gain sponsors.

-Gain clients.

-Gain customers.

-Go on tours.

-Collaborate with a few other companies.

-Be on tv.

-Be on the radio.

-Have a major online presence.


-Educate the talent on dangerous situations and incorporate self defense classes.

Models: Fashion weeks, fashion shows, tradeshows/expos.

Skaters: X Games, streetwear tradeshows/expos.

Music Producers, Djs, Musicians, Singers, Rappers: Music award shows, big industry concerts, tradeshows/expos.

Going to big events will do several things for WADE. Regular people attending the events will see the brand and could become potential customers if they like what they see, big name individuals and companies at the event may become interested in the brand and could lead to planning meetings out side the events to go over details and possibly make deals.

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