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We are a new entertainment company that promotes positive talent from music artists to athletes to dancers. We believe in showing talent and work to the world without involving the negative images you commonly see in the entertainment industry.

Our goal is to have a national status to show and hopefully influence others that you can be cool, productive, and successful while being positive.

We were accepted to be in the 2018 Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York City. That is one of the biggest parades in the world. We used promotional items such as shirts, stickers, business cards and a big banner.

We are asking for sponsorship. Any sponsors would have their name on promo items such as a big banner that would be displayed for many people to see and cameras to film. The sponsors will also be on our website.

Lastly, we would like to continue going to other big events such as:


-Cobb Trade Show Atlanta (January 2019) 

-Surf Expo Orlando (January 2019)

-Agenda Show Las Vegas (February 2019)

-Magic Trade Show Las Vegas (February 2019)

-Vidcon London (February 2019)

-Sneaker Con (March 2019)

-Sneaker Con (April 2019)

-Zumiez Best Foot Forward (May 2019)

-Agenda Festival Long Beach (June 2019)

-National Puerto Rican Day Parade NYC (June 2019)

-Vidcon Anaheim (July 2019)

-Dominican Day Parade NYC (August 2019)

-Vidcon Melbourne (September 2019) 

-Surf Expo Orlando (September 2019)

-A3C Festival Atlanta (October 2019)

-Revolt Tv Music Conference Miami (October 2019)

-Sneaker Con (November 2019)

-Complexcon Long Beach (November 2019)

-Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade NYC (November 2019)

-Disney Christmas Day Parade (November 2019)

-Dick Clark’s Rockin Eve NYC (December 2019)

We hope we can earn your support.

Thank you

We are W.A.D.E.

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