R & R

Criteria- Before submitting info, please read and understand the rules/regulations below.

1. No explicit language.

2. No explicit clothing.

3. No drama.

4. You will be subjected to taking a background check.

5. You will be subjected to take a drug test.

6. You will be subjected to use a breathalyzer.

(#4-6 at anytime!)

If rules are broken.

1. There can be fees.

2. There can be suspension.

3. There can be termination.

We are a clean cut company and our goal is to have a clean cut image. We are not on the same path as the everyday music label, model agency, magazine company etc. We care about what we put out in the world especially being in big influential positions.


Collaboration Guidelines

If a big company or celebrity wants to work with you, they have to be clean in their image when it comes to doing a particular projects with you.

Q: What if I can get in a position where I can work with a celebrity/big company but some, most, or all of their image is explicit? Do I pass that opportunity?

A: We don’t want get in the way of a big opportunity but there is an image to uphold. We will try to reach a middle ground. If the celebrity/big company can follow our collaboration guidelines then you can do a project with them.


If you are at an event and you are filming yourself, or someone, or something while unclean music is playing that is okay. We don’t want our talent to prevent uploading good content that they can’t recapture and redo.



-Next are a few situations that are tricky and subjective to the WADE staff.-

Next if you want to upload trending music like other people while doing something cool and productive that is ultimately okay as well.

Trendy songs played in videos plays a part in more views most of the time. We get that.

But if we see something that is a bit much, we will ask talent to either edit or remove the content with no consequences.

Just try to have a clear and positive image as much as possible.




Violation fee: Amount TBD.

Termination Fee: Amount TBD.

Rejoining Fee: Amount TBD.

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