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1. Models

We are looking for female runway and print models 5’8 and above. Male Models 5’10 and above.

Models will be selected for a model group and/or the upcoming modeling agency. We need models for Fashion shows, ad campaign, magazine placement, and commercials.

2. Designers

-We are looking for Haute Couture, Mass Market clothing lines to present at our fashion shows.


3. Photographers

-We are looking for phtographers to shoot models at events, for magazines, ads, and commercials.


4. Videographers

-We are looking for videographers to film fashion shows and commercials.


5. Skaters

-We are looking for skaters who are trendy, skate a lot of tech, likes the mainstream integration.

6. Producers

-We need producer to produce for fashion shows, skate videos, commercials, websites, music artists, dancers, and athletes.

7. Radio Personalities

-We need a few radio personalities for show segments, reading advertisements, interviews, and call ins.

8. Drone Photographers and Filmers

-We need some droners for commercials, music videos, outside fashion shows, and athlete videos.

9. Dancers

-We need dancers for music videos and commercials.

10. Artists

-We are looking for singers and rappers to be on our labels, radio station, performing in shows.


Several more positions coming soon. DJs, Gamers, and more!

Email us if you are interested. You can send photos, videos websites, social sites, and resumes.

Your information will be reviewed for consideration.

Thank you

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